GW2 Goddess of Secrets & Seeker of Truth & Knowledge Achievements

Goddess of Secrets and Seeker of Truth and Knowledge are two achievements you can get in GW2: Path of Fire. These two achievements can be completed during the Act 2 mission, Facing the Truth. The first achievement will require you to find fifteen books, which are scattered around the Sanctum, with six of them hidden in a secret room, which will also get you the second achievement. To help you out, we’ll show you how to get Goddess of Secrets and Seeker of Truth and Knowledge achievements in Path of Fire.

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Where to Find All 15 Kormir’s Library Books

GW2 Seeker of Truth and Knowledge AchievementThe first three books (The Sunspear Creed, Scriptures of Kormir, Book of Secrets) are found on the large central plateau where you speak with the goddess Kormir.
GW2 PoF Seeker of Truth and Knowledge AchievementFrom the central platform, look to the south for the long stairs. These stairs take you to the ceiling, and the circular platform with many bookshelves. One of them is the Journal, the fourth book, but the Untitled Volume is needed in order to read it. This 10th book is found in the hidden Kormir’s Secret Room, described below.
GW2 Kormir Library Book Locations PoFThe fifth and the six book (We, Too, Can be Vessels of Knowledge and Truth; The Artist’s Mirror: How Art Reflects Society) are found in the western part of the Sanctum. If you look toward the west from the central platform, you can spot the six pot-like bookshelves on the ground floor. You’ll find these two books there.
GW2 Poems by Danna Age 9 Book LocationThe seventh bookPoems by Danna, Age 9 is found at the top of the stairs that you can find on the central plateau. Just next to this book, there are diving goggles. Pick them up and jump down for the Leap of Knowledge achievement.
GW2 Magic and War Book LocationThe eight book (Magic and War: An Educated Warning) is located in the northern part of the Sanctum. There is a small balcony with bookshelves filled with scrolls. You can jump on it with a mount, or glide down toward it.
GW2 Path of Fire Kormir's Library BooksFor the ninth to fifteenth book, you’ll need to head to Kormir’s Secret room. To find the entrance, check down below in the text. This is a rather small room, and you won’t have problems finding all the books. They are: Untitled Volume, Palace of Bones: The Centaur Tragedy, The Goddess and the Scourge, Turia’s Story, The First City, and Treacherous Waters.

Kormir’s Secret Room Location

To complete the Goddess of Secrets achievement and find Kormir’s secret room, you should head to the northern part of the Sanctum. Jump into the water, in front of the northern wall of books. The reflection on the water surface hides the entrance to the hidden Kormir’s room. Once you jump into water, you’ll have no problem figuring out that there is an actual entrance here. Head to the underwater stairs and proceed further. As soon as you go above the water in this secret room, you’ll get the Goddess of Secrets achievement.

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