FIFA 18 Review Roundup

FIFA is back this year, just like any other. It is running a little late after its main competition, PES 2018, however, it has carved a large enough advantage over the years that it can do something like that without any real repercussions.

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Who’s a pretty boy?

FIFA 18 has arrived for all the platforms out there, PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360. There is even a Nintendo Switch version, which is a product for itself and is not included in this review roundup. Let us take a look at the current scores:

Gamespot gives it 7/10. They say that “FIFA 18 replicates the experience of watching football and interprets the culture around the sport more immaculately than ever.” Trusted Reviews is praising the game more, giving it a 4.5/5 and saying “FIFA 18 is simply magnificent. Streets ahead of what came before, and continuing its dominance over its rivals, EA has done a superb job.”

Forbes is generous in its verdict, with a solid9/10. “By accentuating its prior positives and offering real and tangible improvements to gameplay, FIFA 18 excels and is slightly better than last year’s solid entry.” GameInformer is similarly inclined. They gave the game 8.75/10 and here is why: “Overall, FIFA 18’s gameplay is in a good place, but there are still moments where I’m anticipating how the game will translate my intent instead of just playing without thinking.”

We got this covered joins the rest of the positive reviews with a 4/5. Their verdict is based on the fact that “The FIFA brand, with its curated endorsements and recognizable faces, is an indelible part of the football fan’s arsenal and a very real extension of the real game.” Gamezone follows this with an 8/10. “FIFA 18 may take a few steps back in the gameplay department but the well-written, multi-layered story that deals with Alex’s life on and off the pitch is one worth experiencing.”

And finally, Gaming Nexus give the game another 8/10. They also sum it up best: “A revamped manager career mode and the second chapter of The Journey are both wonderful experiences, and while some aspects of gameplay have been addressed such as crossing and more tactical runs, there are still some glaring problems that weren’t addressed. The game is still enjoyable, but this franchise can’t rest on its laurels anymore.”

The game itself will be out on September 29.