GW2 Jackal Reconnaissance Achievement & Item Locations

GW2 Jackal Reconnaissance is an achievement that you can complete in the Path of Fire expansion. You can get it in the Desolation region, and it grants you five achievement points and one mastery point. You can start doing it once you get the Jackal mount, and you’ll have to find several items scattered around the map. To help you out, we’ll show you how to complete Jackal Reconnaissance achievement and item locations in this guide.

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GW2 Jackal Reconnissance Achievement GuideNote: To get the service items for the Jackal Reconnaissance achievement, like the Sulfuric Sample, Awakened Intel and Forged Armor, you need to talk with their respective NPCs. This is the only way you’ll make them spawn on the map. If you go to the location of the items without doing so, you won’t be able to pick them up. Also, if you die at any point after one of the conversations, you’ll need to repeat them.

Letter from Drojkor and Djinn Palace Jackal Treat

The first two Jackal Reconnaissance tasks are obtained once you get the Jackal mount. In order to do so, you need to head down to the southwestern part of the Desolation map, to Sand Jackal Run and the Djinn Enclave PoI. Here, you’ll need to complete the Heart and buy the mount from Drojkor. Once you have it, talk with Drojkor once again, and he will give you the first treat.

Aisha Jedgok & Sulfuric Sample Location

Aisha Jedgok is found in the eastern part of Desolation, in the area marked as Lair of the Forgotten, just northeast from its Waypoint, next to the Heart NPC Dunkoro. She is sitting on the ground, close to the repair anvil and the local merchant, watching the nearby lava. Talk with her so that the item she requires spawns, so you can give it back for the Consecrated Jackal Treat.The Sulfuric Sample is located in the northwest of the Desolation, in the area marked as Acrid Springs, just north from Sulfur Quarry. Head to Acrid Springs, and go south from its map marker name. On the small, elevated platform, you’ll find a pile of broken bones. This is where the Sulfuric Sample is hidden.

Where to find Nori Mahat & Awakened Intel

Nori Mahat is found in the northern Desolation, near the entrance where you arrive from Elon Riverlands. This area is marked as the Bonestrand, and you can find Kisha Odili and help her with the Heart quest. Nori Mahat is in a tent, just next to Kisha Odili, the repairs anvil, and the merchant. Have a conversation with Mahat to spawn the needed item on the map, then hand it in for Bonestrand Jackal Treat.The Awakened Intel item is located in the area a bit south from Nori Mahat, just under the large brown mountain range. This area is marked as the Scourgeway, and it has its own Waypoint. Just northwest from this waypoint, if you follow the road, you’ll end up in a camp where the Chukeht Overlook PoI is found. In the southern part of this camp, next to the Veteran Awakened Lieutenant, close to a tent, on the ground, you’ll find the Awakened Intel.

How to Get Ahel Nakat Forged Armor

Ahel Nakat stands near the Torment’s Watch PoI, that you can visit in the western part of the Desolation, somewhere between the Darklands (to the north) and the Ruination (to the south). There is a waypoint in this area, which is called The Darklands Waypoint. From this waypoint, head east, and you’ll find Ahel Nakat just behind the practice targets. The final item he sends you for will appear on the map only if you talk with Ahel, so you can finally receive Order of Shadows Jackal Treat.The Forged Armor is located just southwest from Ahel Nakat, in the area marked as the Ruptured Heart. You’ll have to reach the center of it, near the vista, hero, and mastery point. Keep in mind that if you die at any point, you’ll have to talk to Ahel Nakat once again. The Forged Armor is located in the center southeast of the Ruptured Heart, on the ground level, closer to the mastery point marked on the map. You can see it from a distance, as it is found within the Forged Scrap Metal that you have to investigate.
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