GW2 Jackal Mount - How to Obtain in Path of Fire

The sand jackal is the fourth mount you can unlock in GW2 Path of Fire. It’s a sand golem in the shape of a wild dog, and it has the ability to use sand portals. In order to get it, you’ll need to travel to dangerous lands and prove you can handle a mount like a master. If you’re having trouble finding the mutt, keep reading for a full guide on how to obtain GW2 jackal mount in Path of Fire.

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gw2 jackal mount path of fire
GW2 Jackal Mount – How to Obtain in Path of Fire

Where to find jackal mount?

You can get the jackal from The Desolation, the dangerous yellow zone in the south of the map. As you enter it from the riverlands, go south past the crater. You’ll be looking for an area called Sand Jackal Runs, which comes after the Broken Shelf. Make sure you activate the waypoint there, as death is almost certain. Once you’re at the waypoint, head east towards the spiralling staircase.The sulfurous vapors will harm you as soon as you set foot onto the sand. You’ll need your springer to boost you up to the stairs. You can climb them faster if you do it atop a skimmer. Sadly, you won’t be able to finish the quest and purchase the jackal before you’ve mastered either the springer, or the skimmer. This will require you to spend a bunch of mastery points. Once you do, you’ll be able to buy the jackal for 200 trade contracts and 20 gold.

It’s pricey, but it’s the last piece missing from your mount collection. Or is it? There have been rumors of a secret, fifth mount, that can be obtained after you complete the story. We’re investigating, and will keep you updated. Hopefully Arenanet adds even more mounts as time goes by. You can never own enough stuff.
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