Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Launch Date Revealed

The Nintendo Switch port of Stardew Valley got a sudden release date. The developers revealed the launch date on the game’s official website, and it’s coming out on October 5th. And, no, there’s no multiplayer on the horizon yet. But, at the very least, you can now play Stardew Valley on the go.

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Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Launch Date Revealed
Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Launch Date Revealed

Out of the blue, the developers of Stardew Valley have revealed the release date of the Nintendo Switch port. It’s coming out on Thursday, October 5th, according to the Stardew Valley official website. Yeah, it’s just around the corner! Nintendo Switch owners, rejoice! You’ll be able to buy the game for fifteen bucks. The studio behind the port is Sickhead Games, who seem to specialize in ports. The devs of Stardew Valley seem to be pretty happy with how the whole thing; hopefully, gamers will be happy with it, too. This will mark the game’s debut both on a Nintendo platform and a portable platform. So, if you wanna play Stardew Valley on the go, the Switch version is the (only) thing for you. Unfortunately, there’s no word on the multiplayer mode yet, but, oh well.

In case you’ve somehow managed to stay in the dark about Stardew Valley, let’s bring you up to speed here. The strictest definition of the game would be that it’s a pixel-art farming simulator with heavy RPG elements. But, the game is so, so much more than that. The game is incredibly open, and gives you so much to do. It begins with you inheriting your grandfather’s farm, and you already get a few little hints that the game is hiding more under the surface. After that, you can do pretty much whatever you want. You can work on your farm, meet other villagers, explore the land and discover the many secrets of Stardew Valley; you can do pretty much whatever you want. If you own a Switch, I warmly recommend you give this game a shot.

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