GW 2 Keen Eye Achievement Act 2 Story Journal

Guild Wars 2 Keen Eye is an achievement that you can obtain in Act 2 of the Path of Fire Story Journal. This achievement is needed for completing all 18 of the Act 2. It can be done during the Hallowed Ground mission, together with Dynastic End and Primeval Historian. In order to help you out, we’ve put together this guide on the Path of Fire Keen Eye achievement.

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GW2 PoF Keen Eye Achievement Act 2
GW 2 Keen Eye Achievement Act 2 Story Journal

How to get Keen Eye Achievement in GW2 Path of Fire?

To get this achievement, you’ll need to only kill the “real” Primeval ruler during the split illusion phase. This means that, once the boss hides among the many clones, you’ll need to distinguish him from the crowd, without killing any clones. This becomes much easier if you know one tiny detail. What you need to pay attention to is the face icon of the targeted enemy. Queen Nadijeh and Queen Dahlah have specific face icons that are different from their clones. Once you know the difference, you can easily go through all the clones and quickly damage the one that is the Queen.

For example, Queen Nadijeh has distinguished upper chest markings under her chin. These markings are not present in the face icons of the clones, thus making the real one easy to spot. For Queen Dahlah and her clones, there is a difference in the face paint. Queen Dahlah has her face covered in a dark, black paint, while the clones have it painted brown. The one thing that makes this hard is the “help” of your friendly NPCs. Since the clones have a low health bar, your friends are most likely to kill them without any of your “help”. Be sure to track the progress of the achievement on the buff bar, so you can repeat it if you fail. As for the reward, Keen Eye gives two achievement points and a Mini Queen Nadijeh miniature.

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