GW2 Perfect Match Achievement - How to Solve Puzzle Without Mistakes

Guild Wars 2 Perfect Match achievement is acquired in Act 2 of the Path of Fire expansion. It is obtainable during the Facing the Truth mission, when you go through the portal. Getting the achievement requires you to solve a puzzle, with no room for error. If you need help, then our Perfect Match achievement in GW2: Path of Fire guide is the right place for you.

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GW2 Perfect Match Puzzle Achievement Path of Fire
GW2 Perfect Match Achievement – How to Solve Puzzle Without Mistakes

How to Get Perfect Match Achievement in Path of Fire?

To get the Perfect Match achievement, you’ll need to match every missing Sunspear puzzle piece without mistakes. This means that, once you pick up one of the wedged symbol pieces, you’ll need to put it down in the appropriate spot, and you’re not allowed to replace it for a different one. The first part of the solving the puzzle requires you to find five wedged symbols that are scattered around the room. Their locations and the designated spots where you’ll need to place them down are shown in the picture above.

  1. Found on the outer ring of the central puzzle solving mechanism.
  2. From the portal, to the left, on a small broken pillar.
  3. Close to the previous one, on a higher point of yet another broken pillar.
  4. From the portal to the right, hidden on top of the broken pillar.
  5. High up in the air, straight from the portal. You’ll need to user your Springer to get here.
Each of the five wedged pieces have markings on them, which reflect their locations in the central puzzle. You’ll just need to find the exact same symbols and pair them. Once you succeed, you’ll hear a brief sound of accomplishment, telling you that you’re on the right track. The second part of the puzzle solving involves you going through five trials from five NPCs. This is the easiest part, as once you pick up the parts from them, their designated spot on the central part starts glowing, and you just place it there. You might have to rotate some pieces, just so you can match it with the rest of the puzzle. The Perfect Match comes paired with another achievement, called Puzzle in Time. This second one requires you to complete the puzzle within the time limit of seven minutes. During this time, you’ll need to place all ten of the puzzle pieces in their designated spots.

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