Destiny 2 Faction Rallies Event Starts, Offers New Gear as Rewards

Faction Rallies is a new event in Destiny 2, introduced in this week’s weekly reset. It adds three new vendors to the game, each a member of a different faction. Players will have to pledge allegiance to one of them, and earn points for the faction by doing certain activities. In the end, the winning faction vendor will start selling a new item, while the other two will walk into the September rain with their tails between their legs.

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destiny 2 faction rallies event
Destiny 2 Faction Rallies

The rallies event will last until October 3rd, which is when the next reset is going to happen. Here’s how the whole thing works: there are three new vendors on the Tower – Arach Jalaal of the Dead Orbit, Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult and Executor Hideo of the New Monarchy. You’ll need to talk to all three of them before you get to pick a side. You should base your decision on the winner reward weapon – if your faction wins, you’ll be able to buy it for a paltry 1000 glimmer. The losers will also be able to buy it, but they’ll need to shell out 50000 glimmer. The losing vendors won’t be selling their items.

There’s also the matter of engrams – each vendor has a reputation bar you can fill, just like the ones before them. Check out the potential drops from vendor engrams before you commit to a cause. Once you’ve selected, there’s no going back. When you’ve made your choice, all that’s left is to farm those tokens. You can do this by destoying supplies in Lost Sectors, completing public events, strikes and the Leviathan raid.

Dead Orbit is offering Haunted Earth, a scout rifle that increases ammo reserves and gives you better reload speed when you’re crouching. Future War Cult has the Heart of Time, a pulse rifle that causes elemental explosions on precision kills. Finally, the New Monarchy is sporting the Interregnum XVI sidearm, which has increased aim-down-sights speed.

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