Forged Outfit preview in GW2 Path of Fire Black Lion Trading Company

Black Lion Trading Company is Guild Wars 2’s premium item shop. It’s where you spend gems, the premium currency, on items that are mostly cosmetic in nature. With every new expansion, the gem shop gets updated with new items, and Path of Fire is no different. Today’s expansion added several new items, and we’ve decided to show you what they are and how many gems you’ll need to put aside for each of the Path of Fire Black Lion Trading Company new items.

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gw2 path of fire black lion trading company new items
GW2 Path of Fire Black Lion Trading Company Items

New Gem Shop Items in Path of Fire

The list is short, but somewhat substantial. There’s a new costume, a fancy bag of goodies and some upgrades. Here’s the complete list:
  • Elonian Introductory Package – The package costs 1800 gems, and it contains five items:
    • 20 slot Black Lion satchel
    • Heroic Booster x5 (two hours of increased XP gain and item drops)
    • Black Lion sample pack (recovery package, 2 tradesman’s packages, 5 dye packs and 5 transmutation charges)
    • Black Lion chest key x5 (used to unlock Black Lion chests with random goods from the store)
    • Desert Explorer’s Kit (150 trade contracts, 15 trader’s keys, 5 pieces of common unidentified gear, treasure hunting kit)
  • Forged Outfit – This one will make you look like the spawn of hell, with an armor suit made of bone and metal, magma instead of innards and a flaming cage instead of a helmet. It costs 700 gems.
  • Shared Inventory Slot – Adds an invetory slot to all the characters on this account. It cannot be gifted, and it costs 700 gems. You can buy them in bulk – three for 1890, or five for 2800. You can’t buy more than 19 of them (at that price, at least).

Forged Outfit Preview

The Forged Outfit is the biggest addition. It doesn’t change the stats of your gear, but it will completely stop your armor from showing. Instead of looking like you do now, you’ll look like this:

gw2 path of fire forged outfit
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