Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement teased for next week

At this point in time, Rockstar could post a picture of a lemming with a cowboy hat and still cause an incredible uproar on the social networks. Red Dead Redemption has achieved an almost mythological status, made especially notorious by it never appearing on PC. This time around, they are teasing a single picture. See below for details.

Now, at first glance that might seem to be a simple red background with a date and time. However, there is the recognizable Red Dead Redemption font, and that makes things all the more interested. Perhaps the time has come for a proper introduction, a gameplay trailer? Maybe even, heavens forbid, Rockstar is ready to announce a PC version? Or a Switch version, the way things are going these days.

Be that as it may, we will probably all be there, glued to our screens. To make it a little easier for people in Europe, September 28, 11 AM ET equals 15:00 GMT and 16:00 CET, and for Aussies, this will be 1:00 AEST on the 29th.

Spring 2018 is looming closer and that is exactly the time that Rockstar announced RDR2 for. There was some talk about April, but as it is usually the case with big games, we might have to wait for it a while longer.

In other news, if you have missed it, Gustavo Santaollala is going to compose the soundtrack for Red Dead Redemption 2. Let’s face it, who is more suited for this than a Brokeback Mountain (and The Last of Us) composer, ready to fill the western wilderness with the haunting sounds of a lonely guitar.

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