GW2 Walk a Fine Line Achievement in Path of Fire Act 2

Walk a Fine Line achievement is one of many you can get in GW2: Path of Fire. It can be earned during the final Act 2 mission, called The Way Forward. This story journal achievement is needed for completing all Act 2 accomplishments. It’s a jumping puzzle, and it can get a little annoying. Therefore, we’ve written a guide on how to solve Walk a Fine Line jumping puzzle in Path of Fire.

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GW2 PoF Walk a Fine Line Achievement
GW2 Walk a Fine Line Achievement in Path of Fire Act 2

How to get Walk a Fine Line Achievement in Path of Fire?

To get Walk a Fine Line, you first need to reach the Forgotten City. Once you get there, look around, and you’ll notice that there is a jumping path on the walls of the chamber. If you don’t have the Springer mount up to level three mastery, you’ll want to head to the tallest tree in the central chamber. From this tree, you can start your ascending path. Keep in mind that this jumping puzzle is a bit longer, and it can be a bit harsh, with all the small jumps and balancing on ropes. Having a Hearth of Thorns glider can help with some of the mistakes for a bit, as it can take you to the lower parts of the jumping puzzle.

To make it easier, come back here when you learn the third Springer mastery, which allows it to reach higher jumping areas. This will let you skip some of the parts, and it serves as a skipping tool. It can sometimes be frustrating to pull off a decent jump with it, and if you fall down while riding it, you can’t really glide your way back to the lower parts of the jumping puzzle.Also, be sure to start the jumping sequence before you finish the final Act 2 mission – The Way Forward. If you don’t, the friendly NPC will follow you, thus blocking your view of the puzzle, making it pointlessly more difficult.

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