GW2 Riddle of the Firebrand - Expurgation Achievement

Riddle of the Firebrand in GW2: Path of Fire is a ring that you can collect. It’s a part of the larger Expurgation achievement. The Riddle of the Firebrand is well-hidden, and the hint you get isn’t particularly useful. You will need a Jackal mount, too. Since it’s difficult to find this ring, we’ve put together this guide on where to find Riddle of the Firebrand in Path of Fire.

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GW2 Riddle of the Firebrand - Expurgation Achievement
GW2 Riddle of the Firebrand – Expurgation Achievement

How to Get Riddle of the Firebrand Ring in Path of Fire?

To obtain the Riddle of the Firebrand ring, which is one of the steps in the Expurgation Specialization Collections achievement, you need to have a Jackal mount. You’ll have to use Mastery Points in order to boost your mount until it reaches Level 3. The skill you’re gunning for is Shifting Sands, which does require some grinding. The Shifting Sands ability allows you and your mount to enter sand portals, which you’ll need in order to get the Riddle of the Firebrand.Once your Jackal mount is up to snuff, you’ll need to travel to Elon Riverlands. The hint tells you to explore Skyward Reach in the Elon Riverlands with your Jackal, which is technically correct. However, the actual location you’re hunting for is a point of interest called Godslost Sandfalls. The POI is way to the northwest of Skyward Reach, near the quicksand pit at the bottom of the mountain range. The portal that you can go through on your Jackal Mount is a little to the east of the quicksand. Walk through the portal, and you’ll find yourself in a large tomb. It’s crawling with ghosts, so you should exercise some caution there. As you explore, you’ll find a Runeforger’s Chest. Open it, and the Riddle of the Firebrand ring is yours. You’re one step closer to the Expurgation achievement, and the Expurgation Axe reward.

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