GW2 Skimmer Search Achievement - How to Get it

Guild Wars 2 Skimmer Search is an achievement you can get in the Path of Fire expansion. You can complete it in Elon Riverlands, and the reward is one mastery point. In order to start this achievement, you first need to get the Skimmer mount. Completing Skimmer Search will require you to find four people on the map and complete tasks for two of them. We’re going to show you how to complete Skimmer Search achievement, where to find Harun medical supplies and water djinn in this guide.

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GW2 Skimmer Search Achievement Harun Medical Supplies Ghada Water DjinnNote: Once you are at the point where you have to pick up certain items for the NPCs, if you die, you’ll need to talk with them once again in order to spawn that specific item.

Missive for Ebele

The Missive for Ebele item is found in the western part of the Elon Riverlands, in the Skimmer Ranch area. Complete the heart here, and get the skimmer mount from Trainer Ardra. Once you buy the mount, talk with Trainer Ardra once again, and you’ll get the first thing you’ll need for the achievement.

Instructions for Defectors

The Instructions for Defectors item is given by Ebele. As the item description says, you can find her in the central eastern part of the Elon Riverlands. If you use the Olishar’s Oasis Camp Waypoint, located north from Arid Gladefields, just keep heading to the east. Complete the heart and talk to Ebele to get the second Skimmer Search Achievement item.

Harun Medical Supplies Location

Harun is in the northwestern part of the Elon Riverlands. He is just north-northwest from the Ranch where you bought the Skimmer mount. Pass the Champion’s Gap to the north, and keep to the west side. Once you pass a giant cluster of spikes that look like they are forming a rib cage, look for the Defector Harun camp. He is usually talkative when you get close to him. He is also a part of the main mission, so you might remember him from before.The lost Defector Harun medical supplies are located just north from his small camp. Look for a gap in the sand and rocks, close to a green tree, and go down the hole. As soon as you cross over the first quicksand part and climb on a small platform, look to your left. On the ground, you should spot the Medical Supplies. Pick them up, and return them to Defector Harun within a five minute limit to get the Skimmer Treat from Harun item.

Skimmer Treat from Ghada – Water Djinn Location

Defector Ghada is found in the far northwestern part of the Elon Riverlands. If you follow the road west from Prophet’s Path, or east from Deadlock Sweep, pay attention to the stone pillars north from the road. Near one of them, there is a small camp, and that’s where Defector Ghada is. Head over and talk with her.The water djinn that Defector Ghada wants in order to continue her trip is found just north from her location. Use the skimmer mount to pass through the quicksand and reach a small platform where the water djinn is. This is the exact area of the Syrtic Impasse PoI, and where a Veteran Water Djinn is found. He is a pretty strong enemy, and you might want to fight it before you decide to steal the water. You can avoid fighting by hopping on the small ledges nearby and going out of combat, but that’s a bit complicated.

Majid Treat

Defector Majid sits near the coast in the northeastern Quickmire, in central northern Elon Riverlands. You’ll find him resting on the shore, just northwest from the Sandbound Towers PoI. Just talk with him, and he’ll give you a treat.

Basma Skimmer Treat

The last Skimmer Search achievement item is acquired by talking to Defector Basma. She is resting on the rocks, in the Southeastern Riverlands, in the Arid Gladefields area, south from Olishar’s Oasis Camp Waypoint, just east from Palawa’s Grace. Defector Basma lies on the shore looking toward the nearby ruins. Once you talk with her, you’ll get the last item called Skimmer Treat from Basma, and complete the Skimmer Search achievement.
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