GW2 Springer Mount - Path of Fire

Springer is the second mount you’ll get in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. It’s a giant rabbit that can jump really high and reduce your fall damage. In order to get it, you’ll need to upgrade the raptor’s skills several times, then follow to a certain region and do a favor for a springer breeder. We’ve written this guide to help you find the GW2 springer mount.

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gw2 springer mount path of fire
GW2 Springer Mount – Path of Fire

How to get springer mount?

In order to get the springer, you’ll first need a raptor. When you have the raptor, you’ll need to invest mastery points into it, until you unlock the Canyon Jumping ability. Once you’re ready, travel to the Desert Highlands. Look for the vast canyon east of Auburn Hills and jump across it. Follow the road to Highjump Ranch, where you’ll need to talk to Stablemaster Unja. She’ll ask you for help with some chores. Once you’re done with the Jump for Joy quest, talk to her and she’ll allow you to buy a springer. You’ll need 50 trade contracts and one gold to purchase it.

Springer mount masteries & skills

The springer’s main quality is that it can jump incredibly high, letting you scale cliffs and mountains. It also reduces fall damage while you’re on it, and has the ability to knock down enemies.
  • Fortified Descent – Increases fall damage resistance.
  • Forceful Impact – Increases Cannonball impact, letting you topple enemies.
  • High Vault – Increases jump height.
  • Masterful Descent – Applies Fortified Descent bonus to other mounts.
It’s great to see how they’ve tied the mounts together, giving you an ability that affects them all in each of their respective skill trees. This should really push players to max out all mounts instead of clinging to one and ignoring the others. That, and the amazing mobility bonuses each of them provides.
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