Gwent Card Database & Deck Builder Updated with 0.8.33 Info

Gwent closed beta patch 0.8.33 has gone live several days ago. It brought a lot of changes to the game, including a bunch of new cards. We’ve updated our own Gwent card database and deck builder to mirror the changes in the game. Everything’s up to date now, and we’re back in stride with the game.

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gwent card database update 0.8.33
Gwent card database update 0.8.33

If you’re interested to see all the changes this latest update brought to the beta, you should check out the Gwent update 0.8.33 change log. If you’re already aware of the changes, and simply want to check out the new cards, you should head on over to our Gwent card database. Finally, if your interest is more practical, you could use the Gwent deck builder we’ve made to see how well the new cards fit into your existing decks.

Twenty cards in all have been added to the beta. A little more than half are neutral, while the rest are scattered across the four factions. Most of them are either silver or gold, with only a handful of bronze cards. Six of the new cards are special ones – if you’re not familiar with the game, these are akin to magic. The rest are units.

Some of the old cards have undergone changes as well. Some were changed in minor, cosmetic ways, like being renamed. Because you can never say “Villentretenmerth” too many times. Others were given a rebalancing, changing their strength, abilities or the way they interact with other cards.

All in all, it’s been a pretty meaty update. A lot of fine tuning happened behind the scenes, and it’s gonna be a couple of days before the majority of players are used to all the new stuff. Having our database open in a separate tab should help ease the transition, though.

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