Pokemon GO Christmas Event Gift Boxes & Avatar Problems

The winter holiday event in Pokemon GO is in full swing, and Niantic are delivering on all of their promises. The Christmas and New Year celebration started on Christmas morning, December 25th, and will lat until early January. On top of the extra Incubators, more Gen 2 Eggs and rare Pokemon, trainers have got a new treat. If you go into the store, you’ll see that you can buy gift boxes. These contain a bunch of useful items, depending on which one you buy.

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Of course, the event also features its very own winter glitch. Player avatars freeze up, forcing phone restarts. Merry Christmas!

Pokemon GO Christmas Event Gift Boxes & Avatar Problems
Pokemon GO Christmas Event Gift Boxes & Avatar Problems

Special, Great & Ultra Gift Boxes in Pokemon GO

We’ve written before about the Pokemon GO Holiday Event. Everything that Niantic promised in their announcement is here. PokeStops give an Incubator for every first spin of the day, Gen 2 Eggs are more common etc. This part of the event will last until January 3rd. Check out the article for more detailed info.

One more big feature is in the store. Trainers can now, for a limited time, purchase Special, Great and Ultra Boxes. The more PokeCoins you shell out, the better rewards you’ll get. This is basically a way to buy items in bulk for discount prices. In other words, it’s a Pokemon Go Christmas Sale. Here’s how it works.

  • Special Box
    The Special box costs 250 Coins. Inside, you’ll get 10 Great Balls and two single-use Incubators
  • Great Box
    If you buy the Great box, you’ll get 20 Great Balls, two Incense and four single-use Incubators. It’ll set you back 550 Coins.
  • Ultra Box
    The Ultra box contains 25 Incense, six single-use Incubators and 20 Ultra Balls. Since it has the best items, it’s also the most expensive – 1500 Coins.

Additionally, starting December 23rd, Niantic will add Bronze, Silver, and Gold Boxes. These will contain Incense, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Poké Balls, and Great Balls. We’ll keep you posted.

Oddly enough, there is no feature allowing trainers to buy these gifts for others. I guess it could be misused easily, but still, it would’ve been a nifty feature. If you have the Coins, get yourself some good stuff at a fairly low price.

Pokemon GO Avatar Freezing Glitch

Naturally, no big event is complete without its very own bug. This time around, perfectly in sync with the season, the avatars freeze in place. It’s happening on both Android and Apple phones. There is no fix for this problem that we know of. The only way to work around it is to restart the app or, more likely, your phone. Hopefully, the developers will get on it soon.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Pokemon GO Christmas Event, fellow trainers! Feel free to share your experiences in the comments. See you at the Gym!

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