Gwent Charity Auction - Your Face in The Witcher Card Game

Want your likeness to be on a Gwent Card? Do you want to be one of the heroes or heroines featured in the game? Well, you can participate in the Gwent Charity Auction. CD Projekt Red is raising money to help kids and the elderly, as a part of the 25th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The ultimate prize? Your face in The Witcher Card Game.

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Gwent Charity Auction - Your Face in The Witcher Card Game
Gwent Charity Auction – Your Face in The Witcher Card Game

To participate, head to the Allegro page of the Gwent charity auction and bid. The current highest bid is 8.200 zł (about $2.000). The highest bidder will have their likeness on a future Gwent card. In other words, you can be a part of the Witcher universe, however non-canon that may be!

CD Projekt Red will release more details once the bidding is over. The end date and time is January 24th at 16:30, presumably EST. So, there’s plenty of time left to participate. You’ll get to be on a Gwent card and support a worthy cause. Below, you can read the rules and regulations.

If you win this auction, your face will be featured on a card in the video game GWENT. Please note, that by participating in this auction you allow CD PROJEKT S.A., without remuneration, to use and publish your depiction in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game without any territorial or time limitations. This approval allows CD PROJEKT S.A., as well as other entities acting on behalf of or in cooperation with CD PROJEKT S.A., to create a graphical version of the provided depiction and to implement the depiction in this form on a card of CD PROJEKT S.A.’s choosing, in the manner and to the extent determined solely by CD PROJEKT S.A.

The charity’s aim is to “save lives of children in pediatric wards and to provide dignified medical care for patients in geriatric wards”. A worthy cause, for sure. Personally, I really admire CD Projekt Red for participating in the charity, especially in such a creative way.

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