Nioh Has Gone Gold

After all those years of waiting, no-one can say that Nioh won’t be coming out this year. More specifically, in early February 2017. Development of the game by Team Ninja is done, and it is ready to be sold, according to the publisher Koei Tecmo.

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Nioh Goes Gold
Nioh Goes Gold

You can find the official announcement on Nioh’s Twitter.

The next important thing concerning Nioh should happen in only several days. Koei Tecmo will host a live-stream on January 20. There is a set link for you to bookmark and watch live on YouTube. You can expect to see and hear director Yosuke Hayashi. They might be showing of combat against a new enemy, new areas and weapons… Toshiyuki Itakura and Saki Suzuki will be present to play the game and help the host.

It is highly unlikely it will be the Ogress Boss battle we’ve seen at the end of the previous year. There might be some footage from the earliest screenshots session. In any case, new moments from the game are always appreciated as we come close to the release.

The game comes out on different days in different parts of the world. If you live in the USA, you can grab it off the shelves starting February 7. Europeans can buy it the day after. For some reason, three days after the USA release – February 9, you’ll be able to get it in Japan. Nioh is, as you might know already, only available on PS4 and PS4 Pro. PC and XBox one users will have to make do with other games, or by watching Nioh being played somewhere else. If you have a friend with a PS4, call him over…

The price of the digital standard edition of the game is $59.99. For the Deluxe edition, you’ll need $79.99. There’s some interesting stuff found in Nioh preorders.

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