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F2P Tips and Strategies in Gwent

F2P Gwent Tips and Strategies

Strategies for playing as F2P player in Gwent are getting more important as the closed beta continues. Since a limited number of invites is sent…

Which Cards Affect Gold Units In Gwent

Which Cards Affect Gold Units in Gwent

Which cards affect Gwent gold cards is a question many have been asking. They are the strongest and most resilient cards you can have in…

gwent level rewards progression

Gwent Level Rewards & Progression

Leveling up in Gwent works a little differently than you’d expect. The level progression has clear rules, but they can be hard to grasp early…

gwent tips for hearthstone players

Gwent Tips for Hearthstone Players

Gwent is a card battling game set in the The Witcher universe. It pits two players against each other in a battle of wits, numbers…

Currency Guide For Gwent Closed Beta

Currency Guide for Gwent Closed Beta

Gwent closed Beta uses in-game currency for crafting cards and buying card kegs. This means you can earn Gwent cards by winning matches and leveling…

gwent tips tricks

Gwent Tips and Tricks

Gwent is the Witcher card game that is currently live in the beta phase. It is interesting because of the number of combinations and possibilities…

gwent closed beta errors problems

Errors & Bugs in Gwent Closed Beta

Gwent closed Beta has its share of glitches and errors, like any Beta. We’ve compiled a list of known bugs and problems, as well as…

gwent closed beta friend match

Friend Match in Gwent Closed Beta

Friend Match is the option that allows you to play Gwent with your friends and acquaintances. It lets you connect to people you know and…

where to download gwent

How to download Gwent Closed Beta

Gwent is a card game set in the Witcher universe. It’s currently in closed beta, so only certain people were fortunate enough to be invited….

Gwent Live Stream Deck Builder

Deck Building – Basic Guide

Gwent deck building was first talked about during the Beta pre-launch live stream. Gwent developers showcased some pre-made decks for all four available factions. Now…

Gwent Currency Troll

In-Game Currency – How to Get It?

Gwent in-game currency information was first revealed during the official pre-closed Beta live stream. Team GWENT officials introduced us to this mechanic which is vital…