Gwent Gold Immunity Update Released, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game got a new update, and it introduces a few pretty major changes to the game. Aside from the usual bug fixes and balance tweaks, the most major addition to the game is that Gold cards will no longer be immune to card abilities and damage. This will certainly upset a lot of players that rely on Gold cards for their strategies to work.

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Gwent Gold Immunity Update Released, Full Patch Notes Revealed
Gwent Gold Immunity Update Released, Full Patch Notes Revealed

The new update for Gwent is now live on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4, and, judging by the patch notes, it’s going to be a serious game changer. And I’m not just talking about the thirty new cards it brings. In case you don’t know, in Gwent, Gold cards have so far been largely immune to most damage and card effects. Many decks are built in such a way that makes use of the fact. Well, you can completely forget about it. From now on, Gold cards won’t be immune to damage and effects by default. The idea is to bring in more interaction, but I’m certain it’s going to make a lot of players mad.

We’ve listed some of the patch notes below. To see the full patch notes, including the 30 new cards and which cards will have an increased milling value over the next three days, visit the official Gwent website.


  • Player cards now highlighted in blue and opponent cards in red in Mulligan/card selection screens.
  • Ambush, Doomed, Regressing and Stubborn tags moved to card descriptions.
  • General tag overhaul – card tags have been reworked.
  • Units with Resilience now have their Boosted Power reset when carried over to next round.
  • Cards triggering upon Reveal now only trigger when Revealed by the owner.
  • All Trio abilities removed from the game.
  • Removed Leader tokens from Leader card preview.
  • Numerous balance and ability changes and improvements

Game Fixes

  • Fixed issue whereby multiple consecutive Mulligans would cause an unresponsive state.
  • Fixed issue whereby opponent’s mulligan pop-up would remain on screen.
  • Fixed issue whereby “Mill spare cards” option would display 0 cards to mill, though there were still spare cards remaining.
  • Ranking points should now always refresh properly.
  • Fixed issue causing Out of Sync errors.
  • Possible fix for issue causing game to be stuck after Round 2 ends in a tie.
  • Fixed issue whereby improper values would be displayed for Unit Power.
  • Fixed issue whereby Weather effects would not display on the Board.
  • Fixed issue whereby cards would overlap after being moved between rows.
  • Experience points and rewards should now be displayed properly after matches.
  • Levels should now be displayed properly after matches.
  • Numerous tooltip fixes and changes, including those to indicate new interactions with Gold cards.
  • Fixed issue causing freezes after the end of a match.
  • Fixed issue whereby Skellige back of card graphic was missing in Deck Builder.
  • Fixed issue whereby some users weren’t able to join the season on X1.
  • Fixed issue whereby cards would appear with ##_NAME instead of normal names.

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