Gwent New Hotfix Live, Significantly Changes "Restore" & Other Cards

There’s a new hotfix out for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. It introduces various changes and tweaks to Monsters and Scoia’tael, and some pretty significant alterations to Skellige. There’s also some small fixes to the general gameplay.

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Gwent New Hotfix Live, Significantly Changes Restore & Other Cards
Gwent New Hotfix Live, Significantly Changes “Restore” & Other Cards

Team Gwent has released a new hotfix for The Witcher Card Game, which you can (and should) get it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. According to the announcement post, the aim of the hotfix is to “fix all major issues experienced by the players, as well as to implement balance changes to the gameplay.” Because of the changes, the Restore card will have increased milling value over the next 3 days. It will give you enough powder and scraps to craft another card of the same value. So, if the hotfix messes with your decks too much, you can attempt to craft something different.

First off, the general game fixes. These are simple enough, introducing some minor adjustments to tooltips and fixing an issue wit card display in low resolutions. As for the faction-specific changes, let’s start with the Monsters. The hotfix patches up the Harpy’s ability, which wouldn’t trigger properly every now and again. For Scoia’tael, there’s a pretty big change to the Farseer. Specifically, he “will no longer trigger his ability when an Ally or Unit in your Hand is boosted unless he is already on the board.”

Last, but not least, there’s several significant changes made to Skellige. First off, using Restore will now set the base Power of the unit it’s pulling from the Graveyard to 8 instead of 10. The Light Longship will regress from 6 Power to 5 as it’s supposed to. The ability of Wilmar’s Revenge should trigger properly on Destroy abilities. Finally, moving Wilmar to the graveyard won’t affect newly drawn cards, so as not to block your vision of your hand.

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