Pokemon GO Changes Standard Raid Bosses Roster

Pokemon GO Raid Battle bosses have been changed. All four tiers are getting significant changes to the raid boss roster, especially Tier 1 and 2, which both have completely different Pokemon. Tier 3 and 4 do retain some of the more impressive monsters, such as Tyranitar, Lapras, Snorlax, Gengar, and Omastar. This change will probably be very welcome to many trainers, especially those that have been very active in raids. I can imagine that the raids as they were before might have been getting a little samey to them.

Pokemon GO Changes Standard Raid Bosses Roster
Pokemon GO Changes Standard Raid Bosses Roster

Niantic has decided to switch things up with the Pokemon GO raids, with new monsters taking on the mantle of Raid Bosses. The roster of the lower two tiers are all completely new Pokemon, while Tier 3 and 4 do retain some of the previous bosses. What’s especially interesting to me is that almost all Tier 1 bosses are now the first evolutions of starter Pokemon.

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So, which Pokemon can you expect to see in raids now? According to Eurogamer, Tier 1 bosses are Charmeleon, Wartortle, Ivysaur, and Metapod. Tier 2 bosses you’ll be meeting are Magneton, Marowak, Cloyster, Tentacruel, Sandslash, and Sableye. Tier 3 bosses has some new Pokemon, as well as some old ones. The new ones are Ninetales, Omastar, Porygon, and Scyther, with Omastar, Alakazam, and Gengar staying in the fold. Finally, the new bosses in Tier 4 are Golem, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Poliwrath, and Victrebell. Tyranitar, Lapras, and Snorlax also remain. That being said, Legendary Pokemon bosses still remain, of course.

So, trainers, if the raids have been getting a little stale for you, there’s brand new challenges waiting for you out there. This should be more than enough to tide you over until Generation 3 Pokemon start arriving some time in December, now that the Halloween event is over with. Gather up your fellow trainers and go outside to face these new raid bosses.

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