Gwent Midinváerne Forum-Exclusive Competition Rules and Prizes

Midinváerne is the name for the winter solstice in the Witcher universe. With all the other major online games getting their special holiday events, Gwent shouldn’t be an exception. However, keeping in mind that the game is still in closed Beta, the event is not in the game. To ensure all the Gwent fans, even those that can’t play it yet, can have a go at this, Team Gwent have decided to make this a forum-exclusive game.

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Let’s go over the Gwent Midinváerne Forum-Exclusive Competition Rules and Prizes.

Gwent Midinváerne Forum-Exclusive Competition Rules and Prizes

Rules and Prizes for Gwent Midinváerne Competition

Below, you can check out the announcement by CD Projekt Red:

Attention all players!

The winter solstice, also known as Midinváerne is coming! It is said by the elven elders that these nights are infused with magic and wonder. Gather with us by the Gwent tables while we await the longest night of the year.

To make the wait even more exciting, and to thank you for all your support testing Gwent, we have prepared a small surprise for you!

Over the next weeks we will be hosting a forum-exclusive competition with really cool prizes. In order to be able to participate, the account has to be registered before the date of this announcement.

The competition will start today at 6PM CET when we will announce the first task and will consist of six tasks, each announced on a separate day. For each task, the three fastest users to send us the correct answer via email will get a point counting towards the final score. Three users with the highest scores will win the prizes:

For the 1st place: 2 FUNKO POP vinyl figurines, GOTY Game Guide and a bag of goodies!
For the 2nd place: 1 FUNKO POP vinyl figurine, GOTY Game Guide and a bag of goodies!
For the 3rd place: GOTY Game Guide and a bag of goodies!

Of course, these are just some of the basic rules. The full Gwent Midinváerne Contest Rules are in the link.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, head on to the forum quickly and register!

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