Final Fantasy 15 Stealing the Past - Secret Quest

Stealing the Past is a secret quest in Final Fantasy 15. It starts once you gain access to the flying Regalia.
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This hidden quest is found in Lestallum. It is not marked on the map, thus, not many people will do it. The reward is rather decent, especially if you haven’t reached the quest’s goal location. In this guide we’re going to show you how to start Final Fantasy XV Stealing the Past secret quest, how to complete it, where to find Magitek Core in Pitioss dungeon.

Where to start FFXV Secret Quest

First off, you’ll need to complete the main story and get the Flying Regalia upgrade. If you haven’t done it so far, you can find all the information needed in our How to get FFXV Regalia Type-F Guide.

The next stop is Lestallum. Make sure it’s night. Head to the eastern part of the city, just north of the Restaurant (Tozus Counter), east of the Arms Vendor (Culless Munitions) and the Shop (Moatte’s Odds ‘n’ Ends). You’ll find a set of stairs in this part of the city, going up.

On one side of the stairs are rocks, and on the other is a house. This is where you’ll find a window you can interact with. You’ll see the “Listen” interaction option. Use the appropriate button to start it. This action starts the secret quest – Stealing the Past.

FF 15 Stealing the Past Quest

Although it is marked as a level 60 quest, you don’t need to fight any monsters in it. To complete this task, you’ll need to search for a suspicious building further to the west. The area is called Rock of Ravatogh. The quest description reveals more about this it.

Strolling through Lestallum, the companions overhear retired thieves reminisce about the past. It seems some manner of treasure lies unclaimed in the vicinity of the Rock of Ravatogh. Noctis and his friends vow to do what the thieves could not and locate the treasure.

Secret Quest Rewards

Stay alert, because you’ll get more than the 50 000 exp promised in the quest. The first step is to head to the Rock of Ravatogh. From there fly off with the Regalia. The goal is to land on a landing strip in the mountains. This exact spot would be extremely difficult to find if it weren’t marked on the map. If you take a look at the map, north from the Rock of Ravatogh, you’ll see a bright yellow straight line. This is where you have to land. If you are still having problems, we’ve made a separate guide about it.

Once you successfully land, head north. After four groups of enemies, you’ll get to the marked area. Head east from here. Find a gap between the rocks. Follow this path. Soon enough, you’ll get to the man-made structure. This is the entrance to the secret dungeon Pitioss.

Go up the two sets of stairs, jump over a small gap. After the first strong turn right, you’ll see an item on the ground. This is the Magitek Core – the main quest reward. As you pick it up, the quest will end.

Magitek Core is an important upgrade material for the Drillbreaker machinery weapon. It is the main ingredient in the “A Better Drillbreaker Quest”.

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