Gwent Nilfgaard Update 0.8.60 Official Patch Notes

The long wait is finally over. Nilfgaard, the fifth and final faction in Gwent, has finally arrived. The Gwent Nilfgaard update also brings a ton of changes, fixes and tweaks. But, let’s be honest, the new faction is by far the biggest attraction.

Gwent Nilfgaard Update 0.8.60 Official Patch Notes
Gwent Nilfgaard Update Patch Notes

Other than introducing the new faction, patch 0.8.60 brings a ton of tweaks and fixes. A lot of smaller and larger bugs have been fixed, and a lot of card strengths and special abilities got some fine tuning. AS with all such changes, some fans are happy, while others have had their entire strategy completely destroyed. Such is life in a closed beta.

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You can check out the complete list of patch notes on the Gwent official website.

Nilfgaard in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent in general is a game of wits and bluffing much more than brute force. However, no other faction hinges on deception like Nilfgaard does. They rely heavily on the use of Spy cards to sabotage the opponent.

When playing Niflgaard, you can actually reveal the cards from your opponent’s hand, and you can reshuffle both your and your opponent’s deck. There are also a lot of cards that synergize with disloyal cards (aka spy cards) and card reveals. They usually get some sort of bonus whenever a card is revealed, or something to that effect.

As for direct attacks, Nilfgaard mostly concentrates on pinging and/or destroying more powerful cards.

We’ve listed all of the newly-added Nilfgaard cards below.

  • New Leader card: Emhyr var Emreis
  • New Leader card: Morvran Voorhis
  • New Leader card: John Calveit
  • New unit card: Letho of Gulet
  • New unit card: Menno Coehoorn
  • New unit card: Vattier de Rideaux
  • New unit card: Cahir
  • New unit card: Vilgefortz
  • New unit card: Stefan Skellen
  • New unit card: Tibor Eggebracht
  • New unit card: Xarthisius
  • New unit card: Albrich
  • New unit card: Assire var Anahid
  • New unit card: Cynthia
  • New unit card: The Guardian
  • New unit card: Peter Saar Gwynleve
  • New unit card: Fringilla Vigo
  • New unit card: Sweers
  • New unit card: Vanhemar
  • New unit card: Auckes
  • New unit card: Serrit
  • New unit card: Cantarella
  • New unit card: Joachim de Wett
  • New unit card: Fake Ciri
  • New unit card: Ceallach
  • New unit card: Daerlan Foot Soldier
  • New unit card: Rot Tosser
  • New unit card: Cow Carcass
  • New unit card: Spotter
  • New unit card: Vicovaro Medic
  • New unit card: Black Infantry Arbalest
  • New unit card: Fire Scorpion
  • New unit card: Impera Brigade
  • New unit card: Impera Enforcers
  • New unit card: Nauzicaa Standard Bearer
  • New unit card: Nauzicaa Brigade
  • New unit card: Alba Pikeman
  • New unit card: Alba Spearman
  • New unit card: Combat Engineer
  • New unit card: Emissary
  • New unit card: Ambassador
  • New unit card: Alchemist
  • New unit card: Mangonel
  • New unit card: Nilfgaardian Knight
  • New Special Card: Assassination
  • New Special Card: Treason
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