Nioh Keeper of the Flame Trophy - Evil-Warding Bonfire Locations

Keeper of the Flame is one of the trophies you unlock in Nioh. You get it by lighting all three evil-warding bonfires in the level. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Keeper of the Flame trophy in Nioh, where to find evil-warding bonfires.

Keeper of the Flame Trophy - Evil-Warding Bonfire Locations
Keeper of the Flame Nioh trophy

How to get Keeper of the Flame trophy in Nioh

You can get this trophy in the Chukogu region mission called The Ocean Roars Again. It is on Itsukushima island. The entire area of the island is infested with yokai, and you have to light the bonfires in order to banish the evil.

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To activate the mission, talk to the mage that’s standing next to the shrine at the very beginning. She will give you Flint, which you need to light the evil-warding bonfires. From there, you head into the infested area.

Now, this area is not too sprawling, but it’s quite a maze. You’ll have to do a lot of careful walking on planks to cross the ever-present water. Fortunately, the first bonfire is very close to the beginning. Head straight forward and around the first bed of water that you see. The bonfire is waiting for you there, but beware of the enemies.

The other two bonfires are much more difficult to find, however. You’ll have to navigate the maze in order to find them, even climb up on the rooftops.

In short, stick to the right after the first bonfire until you reach the large double doors. Go through them, and always pick the right-hand path. Eventually, you’ll arrive behind a house and you’ll see a set of ladders. Climb up, head left to the next building and look around until you find a hole in the roof. Drop down and light the bonfire. Mind the yokai!

Go around the building you’re in and climb back up to the roof. Go back to the hole, but this time don’t drop down. Walk across the beam and follow the rooftops until you reach the end of the roof that’s made out of wooden planks instead of shingles. Drop down, head left and open the door on the left. The bonfire is on the right side of that room, but be careful, it’s guarded by an ax-wielding skeleton in armor.

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