Final Fantasy XV Broke Even on Launch Day

Final Fantasy XV is, without a doubt, the best-received game in the franchise in a long while. It has received wide acclaim both from critics and gamers. The development might have been rocky, and the game was pretty expensive, but it was all worth while. According to director Hajime Tabata, the game broke even with production costs on Day One.

Final Fantasy XV Broke Even on Launch Day
Final Fantasy XV Broke Even on Launch Day

During his visit to Business Division 2 development floor in Tokyo, Mr Tabata announced that Final Fantasy XV earned back its development costs on launch day. The game moved five million copies, physical and digital, on its first day. In other words, it had the strongest debut that any other Final Fantasy game ever.

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Last we checked, Final Fantasy XV shipped over 6 million copies, placing it nice and securely in profit territory. According to what we know, everything the game made since November 29th (and makes in the future) is pure profit. That is an amazing success for Square Enix. In fact, largely because of FF XV, Square Enix reported a profits increase in 2016.

And work on the game is far from over. A huge number of people working under Tabata are busy developing downloadable content for the game. These include, among other things, the story patch that is supposed to fix Chapter 13. Admittedly, that section of the game was clearly rushed out the door, so a fix is very welcome. Other examples include PS4 Pro Full HD support for FFXV and other things.

Mr Tabata’s team is also hard at work creating the Story DLCs, in which will put the spotlight on characters other than Noctis. Episode Gladio and Episode Prompto will be the first to arrive. Episode Gladio is coming out on March 28th, while Episode Prompto should arrive some time in June 2017.

It seems that Final Fantasy XV has a long life ahead of it. No doubt, fans will be very pleased.

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