Gwent Players Getting Free Meteorite Powder After Server Trouble

After experiencing some issues with the Gwent servers, CD Projekt Red decided to make it up to the players by adding 100 Meteorite Powder to every account. The server issues, according to the Gwent social media, happened because of a DDoS attack, which the team managed to solve in a matter of several hours.

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Gwent Players Getting Free Meteorite Powder After Server Trouble
Gwent Players Getting Free Meteorite Powder After Server Trouble

Yesterday, Gwent players had to put the game down for a couple of hours due to problems with the servers. The team behind the game stepped up pretty much immediately to fix the issues. They kept the community updated via social networks and explained that the problems were due to a DDoS attack. The situation was remedied in a few hours, but CD Projekt Red still decided to give the players a little something to make up for the downtime.

Every player got 100 Meteorite Powder add to their account. Meteorite Powder is the new currency added to the game after the Open Beta went live recently. It’s used to craft premium cards. For those new to the concept, premium cards in Gwent are animated versions of the normal cards. They don’t behave any differently, they’re just much cooler versions of the non-premium cards. Basically, they’re a way to show off a little bit, since Meteorite Powder can be earned through playing the game.

The reason behind adding Meteorite Powder to Gwent is that premium cards were difficult to come by in the Closed Beta, even though every participant got an animated Geralt card. Now, every player can craft premium cards of their choice just by playing the game and winning matches. For more details, check out our Gwent: All About Premiums article.

The Gwent Open Beta launched on May 24th. You can play it on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via

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