Gwent Ranked Play Progression System Got Another Update

Team Gwent, the part of CD Projekt Red that’s working on The Witcher Card Game, has released a new update for the game. The aim is to further tweak the Ranked Play progression system to make it “more rewarding and fun”. Those below 1000 ranking points won’t lose points when defeated. Players will therefore progress much faster, at least until the team polishes the changes, or they start meeting tougher opponents.

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Gwent Ranked Play Progression System Got Another Update
Gwent Ranked Play Progression System Got Another Update

Balancing out an online multiplayer game is never easy. Team Gwent have had their work cut out for them ever since the Gwent open beta launched. They’ve been releasing patches and hotfixes on the regular, like the recent new Gwent hotfix.

Of course, the changes almost never suit everyone. A change in value of one single card can completely uproot the entire deck. The changes to progression in Ranked play also don’t suit everybody, and Team Gwent is aware of that. In a post on the Gwent forum, they announced a new update to the Ranked Play progression system, saying:

The recent changes we did were very important first steps towards making the highest ranks feel competitive and less prone to swings in day-to-day performance. Some players felt this was very harsh, but for the highest ranks we feel it is important they remain competitive and a testament to the skill and dedication of our top players.

So, that being said, this is what the update will do:

From now on, below the 1000 ranking point mark you no longer lose points if you are defeated in a game. This and further changes beyond it make the overall progression in ranked play feel much faster than before. It will however gradually slow down. This is due to how we are regulating the ranking points inflation caused by players losing less for defeat than they gain for winning, but also because you start to face tougher opponents.

We’ll keep you updated as Team Gwent continues their work on the game.

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