Cuphead Not Coming to PlayStation 4, Developers Confirm

StudioMDHR, the team behind Cuphead, has confirmed that the game will not be coming to the PS4. In fact, it will be an Xbox One console exclusive. Other than that, the only other option is the PC via Steam and the Win10 store, at first. Later on, it will likely launch on, and probably on Mac and Linux further down the pipeline. The game will launch worldwide on September 29th.

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Cuphead Not Coming to PlayStation 4, Developers Confirm
Cuphead Not Coming to PlayStation 4, Developers Confirm

Cuphead is a run-and-gun-type platformer, with the visual style of 1930’s animated shorts. It has been in development for seven years, and it’s finally ready to see the light of day. However, there has been some confusion as to which platforms the game will arrive to. It was clear that it will be some kind of Microsoft exclusive, but people were wondering whether it was a lifetime exclusive.

So, NeoGAF user double jump asked the question directly on the forum. He got an answer from another user, going by the name of Teeth:

Yes, this Cuphead game is exclusive to Xbox and PC (with Steam and Win10 versions at launch and a GoG release likely shortly after). There will likely be a Mac version down the road and possibly a Linux version beyond that (unless we lose our houses or whatever).

We own the Cuphead IP.

Eurogamer reached out to StudioMDHR to confirm the information. Turns out, it’s totally legit. Teeth, as it turns out, is the studio’s digital painter and QA Tyler Moldenhauer. Ryan Moldenhauer, “Director of Experience” at StudioMDHR, was as clear and direct as possible:

It’s 100 per cent true. Cuphead is a console exclusive for Xbox One. There will be no PS4 version.

Bad luck, PlayStation owners. If you want to play Cuphead, you’ll probably have to do it over PC, unless you own an Xbox One, too. Otherwise, you’ll have to sit this one out.

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