Gwent Updates Leaderboards & Matchmaking System

Team Gwent has updated the matchmaking system and leaderboards in The Witcher Card Game. For a while now, top-ranking players have been complaining about issues with matchmaking. The new update makes matchmaking faster and more precise, adjusts the distribution of Ranking points, and brings a few other adjustments.

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Gwent Updates Leaderboard & Matchmaking System
Gwent Updates Leaderboards & Matchmaking System

Ever Since Gwent exited the Beta stage and got its full launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it has been steadily gaining more and more players. However, like most competitive multiplayer games (especially card collecting ones), it has its share of balancing and other issues. CD Projekt Red’s Team Gwent is working hard on resolving those problems. One such issue was with matchmaking; top-ranking players have been having the most problems, it seems. Fortunately for them, the developers were up to the task, and have updated the game with adjustments to both leaderboards and the matchmaking system.

In a recent post on the official Gwent website, the developers have detailed exactly what the new update will bring to the game. You can read the post below.

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been exploring the difficulties a number of top-ranking players have experienced with GWENT’s matchmaking. Knowing how important it is for you to be matched with an opponent just right for you, regardless of your standing on the leaderboard, we decided some refinements to the system were necessary.

The adjustments we’ve made are now live. They make searching for opponents faster and more precise, and the number of ranking points distributed after each match better reflect the matchup. We’ve also realigned the ranking for the top of the leaderboard, while retaining the relative order in the ladder.

These changes will mostly affect top-ranking players. However, we believe they will go a long way to reinforce the stability of the rankings and make GWENT an even better game for everyone moving forward.

It seems that the update will bring some much-needed changes to the game that all players will benefit from. In any case, it’ll certainly shake up the top of the leaderboard. We’ll keep you posted as Team Gwent keeps working on improving the game further.

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