Pokemon GO Ice & Fire Solstice Event Extended One Extra Day

Niantic has decided to extend the ongoing Solstice event by one day. Presumably, the decision is their response to a huge system bug that prevented a lot of Android users from logging in and playing during the last two days. The event will now end at 1 PM PDT on June 21st.

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Pokemon GO Ice & Fire Solstice Event Extended One Extra Day
Pokemon GO Ice & Fire Solstice Event Extended One Extra Day

The Pokemon Trainer Club has been a bit of a hot mess ever since it went live. Members encounter various issues on a fairly regular basis. The latest glitch was a doozy, since members on Android weren’t able to log in since June 19th. This essentially barred a sizable chunk of players from participating in the Solstice event. Niantic acknowledged the issue on Reddit and made sure to patch the issue up in the new update.

To make up for the issue, Niantic announced on Twitter that they’re extending the Solstice event for 24 hours. The new ending date and time is June 21st, 1 PM PDT. Trainers now have an extra day to catch those Ice and Fire Pokemon and collect XP bonuses for various Throws. If you’re out of the loop, check out our Pokemon GO Ice & Fire Solstice Event Details article for more information.

In other news, the new Pokemon GO Gym and Raid Battle update is up. Along with new Gym features and raids, it also brings several more new things, such as the search option in the Pokemon Collection screen. You can check out our Pokemon GO Raid Battles & New Gym Features Revealed article for a detailed breakdown on what the new update brings to the game.

So, trainers, make sure to make good use of the extra day to enjoy the Solstice event. While you’re out there, you can experience the new gym features and the raids for yourself.

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