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Helix Glitches are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. They are scattered across the game’s boroughs, usually in difficult to reach places or in the air above the streets and alleys of London.
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In this guide we’ll show you where to collect all Helix Glitches in Southwark.

Collecting Helix Glitches gives you Helix credits, the game’s premium in-game currency which you can exchange for various Helix Rewards. To collect all the Glitches you should first get the Rope Launcher from Alexander Graham Bell in Sequence 3.

southwark-helix glitches locations map

Helix Glitches in Southwark

There are 24 Helix Glitches hidden in the Southwark borough.

1southwark helix glitch 1The glitch is above a haystack on a boat moored in the canal. Go up the dock on the boat’s eastern side, then climb up to the passageway behind the factory above. Use your Rope Launcher on the hanging platform of the factory on the other side of the canal, then slide across and collect the Helix Glitch in the process.
2southwark helix glitch 2Climb to the roof of the factory, then jump onto the pipes below, below a circular window. Walk along the pipes to collect the Glitch.
3southwark helix glitch 3Southwest of the previous one, hovering between two low, brick buildings. Jump from the roof of the lower one to the facade of the taller building to snatch the Glitch.
4southwark helix glitch 4In the harbor to the southwest, hovering between two wooden cranes. Jump from one crane to the other to collect it.
5southwark helix glitch 5Follow the train tracks that lead to the south entrance to Waterloo station in Southwark, then jump onto the roof of the building to the left of the tracks, just before the station. From the roof, descend onto a narrow wooden platform jutting out from the side of the building. The Glitch is to your left, just jump across to the stone ledge of the station’s facade.
6southwark helix glitch 6Go to Waterloo Station and use the Rope Launcher to climb to the metal beams above the middle platform. The Helix Glitch is on the beam that is supporting the large station clock.
7southwark helix glitch 7Southeast of Waterloo station, near a row of terrace houses. Climb to the top of the houses and get to a point where you’ll see a rope strewn between two posts straight in front of you. Jump down, cross the rope, and jump to the wooden fence on the other side – you’ll collect the Glitch in midair.
8southwark helix glitch 8Climb to the top of the metal crane from which a large metal barrel is hanging on chains, next to the train track. Simply jump from the end of the crane onto the track to collect the Glitch.
9southwark helix glitch 9Go northeast, to the warehouse next to the Starrick brewery. The warehouse’s roof extends over an open area next to the warehouse – there are some crates and workbenches there. Go to the edge of the roof and climb up onto the metal beam; the Glitch is in the middle of it.
10southwark helix glitch 10Northeast of the previous one, in an open storehouse full of barrels and crates. It’s also the location of a templar hunt. Approach from the southwest and look for a building with “Office” written in white on it. Climb to its roof, then jump onto the metal beam of the roof of the structure next to it. The Glitch is in the middle of the central beam there.
11southwark helix glitch 11To the northeast, high up in the air between two tall chimneys. Climb to the top of the one nearest to you as you approach from the southwest, then use your Rope Launcher on the tall chimney on the other side. Slide over and collect the Helix Glitch.
12southwark helix glitch 12Directly east of the previous one, on a support beam below the elevated train tracks.
13southwark helix glitch 13This one is in the Gang Stronghold at The Mint. The best way to collect it is to climb to the roof of the dilapidated house off the street to the east of the Gang Stronghold. Stand on the top of the roof and aim your Rope Launcher at the edge of the roof of the structure leaning against the building behind the tree in front of you (consult the image below). Slide across and collect the Glitch.
14southwark helix glitch 14At the Blackburn Bellows factory, to the north. Climb to the top of Forge B, then look at the taller building next to it. Use the Rope Launcher on the platform with the Helix Glitch, then climb up and collect it.
15southwark helix glitch 15Go east and climb up onto the roof of the “W. PACKER & Son” Ironworks building, then run across to the other side of the roof. You’ll see several metal cranes down below, in front of the factory. Use the Rope Launcher to vault over to the one on the right, then use it again on the lower edge of the roof of the building across the canal. Slide over and collect the Glitch in midair.
16southwark helix glitch 16This one is east of the London Bridge station, in a Gang Stronghold area. Go across the roof of the train station, heading from west to east, then jump on the worn-down roof of the house next to the station. Approach the other end of the roof, then jump across to the wooden balcony of the house on the other side to collect the Helix Glitch.
17southwark helix glitch 17Climb to the top of the house where you collected the previous Glitch, then vault over to the next house on the east. You’ll see a tree below on the other side, to the right of a low building. Jump onto the roof of that building, then across to the tree. You’ll land between two upward branches and collect the Glitch.
18southwark helix glitch 18Directly to the south of the previous one. Climb to the southwest side of the Olman & Co factory and approach the edge of the roof. You’ll see a series of pipes leading out of the factory. Jump onto the pipe with the Helix Glitch.
19southwark helix glitch 19At the southeastern edge of Southwark. There’s a factory with pipes leading out of its east side. Climb up them and collect the Glitch.
20southwark helix glitch 20South and across the street from J. Vaughan Royal Whisky building. You’re looking for the metal roof of the structure that is covering a patch of grass on which a coach and a carriage are parked. Get on the metal beams below it, then collect the Helix Glitch in the middle of the center beam.
21southwark helix glitch 21Go to the building west of the J. Vaughan Royal Whisky shop and look for a rope stretching from it to a tree in the other yard. Get up to the rope and just walk across it to collect the Glitch.
22southwark helix glitch 22At the southeastern edge of London Bridge station, hovering above the street to the east. Climb up to the southeast edge of the station’s roof, then use the Rope Launcher at the top of the rightmost roof window of the building across the street.
23southwark helix glitch 23In an alley behind a row of building west across the street from London Bridge station. Climb up to the wooden platform above a cart filled with crates and sacks of some kind of grain, then jump across to a ledge made of wooden boards on the building across the alleyway. Aim the Rope Launcher just below the window on the roof of the building in a straight line behind the Glitch.
24southwark helix glitch 24Go to the construction site north of Waterloo Station and east of the train tracks and you’ll see green metal frames being erected. Climb up to the tallest one and perform a Leap of Faith- you’ll collect the final Helix Glitch and land in a haystack.


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