Halo Infinite Earn Valor Fast

Classic FPS lovers from all over the world are jumping right into the single-player campaign in the newest entry in one of gaming’s most beloved franchises – Halo Infinite. This game operates differently than previous Halo games, being more open-world. As such, it has its own in-game currency – Valor. This works like an experience system. Of course, you will want to have as much of this currency as you can, and as fast as you can earn it, since it unlocks new vehicles, weapons, and other improvements. In this Halo Infinite Earn Valor Fast guide, we will show you the best ways you can quickly gain Valor in HI.

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Halo Infinite Earn Valor Fast

How to Get Valor Halo Infinite

The best way to get Valor in Halo Infinite is to play the Campaign and complete Main Missions. These give you the most amount of Valor by far. So much so, in fact, that most other ways seem almost negligible in comparison. On that note, if you are having trouble with downloading the Campaign, we have a great article on what to do if the Campaign download isn’t showing. Apart from that, there are other ways to earn Valor, too. These include the following:

  • Taking out Propaganda Towers. Destroying these will award you with 10 Valor for each one you take out.
  • Rescuing fellow Marines. All over the map, you will be able to find distress signals which will point you towards Marine Squadrons in need of assistance. For helping them, you will get 30 Valor.
  • Destroying Banished Encampments. These appear as purple icons on your map. Whenever you destroy one of these, you will receive 100 Valor.

The way Valor works is cumulative, as it is not an exchangeable currency like in most other games. You cannot choose which rewards will unlock, since they will do so in a specific order. As such, it’s best to play the game at your own pace and not worry too much about doing everything as fast as possible.

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