Halo Infinite Skull Locations

Halo Infinite Skull Locations are places where you can get these hidden collectibles. Mind you, even though many of them are very hard to find and reach, you still want to get these skulls. Why? Because they’re not mere collectibles, but also grant you different buffs. So, we’re gonna show you where to find all the Halo Infinite Skulls in this guide.

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halo infinite skull locations
Halo Infinite Skull Locations

Where to Find Skull Locations in Halo Infinite

To find the Halo Infinite Skull collectible locations, you’ll have to look in various nooks and crannies all across the level. We begin with the Boom Skull, which is on the Warship Gbraakon. Proceed to the long hallway with two levels and lifts moving crates on the right. Head to the upper level and ride the middle lift to reach the top of one of the crates, where the skull is. Then, there’s the Cowbell Skull in Foundations. It’s in the huge, cavernous room without a floor in the middle. The skull is up in the rafters near the ceiling.

Next up, the Catch Skull on Zeta Halo’s surface. It’s in the north of the Ring, in a tree stump full of helmets next to a small lake. After that, we have the Fog Skull. The location of that Halo Infinite Skull is west of FOB Alpha, at the edge of the Ring, in a small cave in the wall of those weird, hexagonal columns.

Now for the IWHBYD Skull or I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull. It’s at the very tippy-top of the tower marked on the map, among the elements of whatever array is up there. There’s also the Blind Skull, which is south of the tower, on a small ledge in the ravine, near the strip of land connecting the two sides.

So, that about covers some of the skull locations. If you need extra assistance, check out the video by Halo Canon below, which we used extensively to write this guide. Show them some love.

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