Locate and Rescue the Pilot Halo Infinite House of Reckoning

The Locate and Rescue the Pilot Halo Infinite House of Reckoning quest step in which you need to find a lost pilot. Or, at least, that’s the setup the game gives you. I’m just gonna let you know right now, there are going to be slight spoilers for this mission in the guide. Nothing earth-shattering nor anything you couldn’t have guessed by yourself, but in order to help you, I do need to reveal the “twist.” So, with all that said, here’s how to locate and rescue the pilot in the House of Reckoning in Halo Infinite.

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locate and rescue the pilot halo infinite house of reckoning
Locate and Rescue the Pilot Halo Infinite House of Reckoning

Find the Pilot Halo Infinite House of Reckoning

You can’t actually find the pilot in the Halo Infinite House of Reckoning “Locate and Rescue the Pilot” quest. See, the pilot is, as far as we can tell, very much not alive anymore. The game doesn’t reveal that fact because it wants to pack that emotional punch, but as a result, they’ve actually made the quest confusing. What you actually need to do is fight through the two training rooms, then, grapple into the ship in the third training room. As soon as you go through the doorway, look to the floor right in front of you. You’ll see a tiny disc that you need to approach and investigate. Things will start to happen real fast from there, so have that Threat Sensor ready.

So, that’s how to locate and rescue the pilot in Halo Infinite House of Reckoning – you find the pilot’s message from his family. As soon as you enter the training room, the message will start looping, and it makes everything so creepy and foreboding. The source of this message is the disc, as you’ll find out when you pick it up, and as you might have figured out by the force field that appears behind you, it’s also a trap. A cloaked enemy will appear in a cutscene and basically say as much, and then you fight. The Threat Sensor and your righteous fury at what you just witnessed should be more than enough to lead you to victory.

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  1. D

    Thanks, mate! Looked for this about fifteen minutes. No ‘yellow clue’ shown on the map and had also I started looking once I jumped down.

  2. M

    You literally could have given instructions without spoiling any if the plot. Terrible author.

    1. J

      No, I really couldn’t have. Also, I gave you a fair warning in the first paragraph.

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