Ghost Stealth COD Mobile

The COD Mobile Ghost Stealth skin is a new cosmetic that you can get in the game for a limited time. Specifically, you’re gonna need to play the currently-happening Winter Snowflake event and grind out Snowflakes until you have enough for the CODM Ghost Stealth skin. That’s the short story. If you want more details, well, we’ve got your back. Let’s find out how to ge the Ghost Stealth cosmetic in Call of Duty Mobile.

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ghost stealth cod mobile
Ghost Stealth COD Mobile

How to Get Ghost Stealth in CODM – COD Mobile

To get the Ghost Stealth skin in CODM or COD Mobile, you need to play the Winter Snowflake event. If you go to that event tab right now, you can actually redeem the skin for free below the three daily tasks. However, you’ll only get to keep it for a limited time, that time being seven days. However, there’s still a way to unlock it for good. Head over to the Snowflake Exchange Center tab and scroll all the way down through the prizes. Near the bottom, you’ll see the Ghost Stealth skin. You’ll also see that it’s gonna cost you seventy Snowflakes to get it. So, what you’re gonna have to do for the next sixteen days is play the Winder Snowflake event until you get the right amount of Snowflakes, go back to the event store, and buy the skin.

That’s all you’ll need to get the CODM or COD Mobile Ghost Stealth skin. Well, I say that, but the fact of the matter is that it probably won’t be very easy. For starters, the first three challenges in the Winter Snowflake event reward you just one Snowflake each, leading to some players freaking out that they’ll never be able to earn the skin. However, as we’ve explained in our How to Get Snowflakes guide, it’s highly unlikely that the developers will leave you hanging. What’s much more probable is that future challenges will reward you with a greater number of Snowflakes (and will likely be harder for that very reason). Just keep playing the event and you’ll be fine.

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