Forge of Teash Collectibles Halo Infinite Spartan Core, Audio Logs

Every area in Halo Infinite Campaign has collectibles that you can find and pick up there. These range from collectibles which can directly impact gameplay – such as Spartan Cores – to cosmetics, and interesting lore tidbits like the Audio Logs. The Forge of Teash is one such location that you will play through, and it, too, has several collectibles that you can find there. If you are interested in getting to all of them, our Forge of Teash Collectibles Halo Infinite Spartan Core, Audio Logs guide will show you where you need to look.

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Forge of Teash Collectibles Halo Infinite Spartan Core, Audio Logs

Forge of Teash Spartan Core Halo Infinite

There is just one Spartan Core in this location. Of course, since these are so important for suit ability upgrades, you will want to find as many of these as possible. Look for this solitary core in the building with the crane attached to it. When you enter it, go up the ramp inside the building, it will be on the top.

Banished Audio Logs Halo Infinite Forge of Teash

Two Banished Audio Logs can be found here. The first of these is in the same building as the Spartan Core. It’s propped up against a pillar there, close to the entrance. We’ve marked it in the screenshot down below, since it’s easy to miss. The Second Banished Audio Log is in the large building that leads underground. Enter it, and you will find it at the end of the tunnel there.

Halo Infinite Forge of Teash UNSC Audio Logs

Likewise, there are two UNSC Audio Logs here as well. To get the first of these, climb the cliffs at the back of the map. Use your grapple to get there, then turn left. You will come across a lit tunnel. Crawl into it to find the first UNSC Audio Log. The second is on the cliffs to the south. Climb there and you will find the second UNSC Audio Log sitting there, out in the open.

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