Halo Infinite Greased Lightning Achievement

The Halo Infinite Greased Lightning achievement is definitely going to be one of the more difficult achievements to get. It requires you to complete the movement yard in just twenty-five seconds, which seems impossible to do. And, to be fair, it is impossible the first time around. Since it’s definitely not easy to pull off, we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll explain exactly how to get the Greased Lighting achievement in Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite Greased Lightning Achievement
Halo Infinite Greased Lightning Achievement

How to Get Greased Lighting Achievement in Halo Infinite

To get the Halo Infinite Greased Lightning achievement, you first need to go through the movement part of the tutorial normally. Then, before you go into the weapon section, turn around and drop down to the bridge below you. Run across it and jump over the wall on your right, then go back to the beginning and red-deploy the AI by interacting with the screen on the left of the hangar door, the one next to the fire extinguisher. As soon as you do that, the doors will close, and then open up again. When they do, the timer will start.

As soon as you can, run through the door and leap across the railing towards the far left corner, with the arrow pointing to the right. Jump up the yellow wall to the next platform, then book it to the left and slide into the hole. Sprint through the “cavern.” To unlock the Greased Lightning achievement in Halo Infinite, you’ll have to make a finicky jump when you get back out into the courtyard. Run and jump onto the two crates on the left, then turn around and jump onto the narrow bit without the railing above you. From there, climb up the stairs to complete the course.

The biggest problem here is that jump from the boxes to the platform above them, but it’s necessary to master. It’s impossible to get the achievement otherwise. It might take you a few tries, so if you fail at first, stay there for a bit and practice the jump. Then, go back and re-deploy the AI to try once again. Good luck!

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