Magmar Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Magmar December 2021

December 2021 sees the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour focus on Magmar, and this could be your best chance to catch a shiny Magmar in the wild. This is a weekly event and follows last week’s Electabuzz spotlight. As well as increased spawn rates, there are other bonuses on offer. And yes, you do have a chance to catch the elusive shiny. Read on as we discuss Magmar Spotlight Hour and how to catch a shiny Magmar in Pokemon Go.

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Magmar Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Magmar December 2021
Magmar Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Magmar December 2021

Pokemon GO Magmar Spotlight Hour

Every week, Pokemon Go hosts its Spotlight Hour. From 6:00 pm local time every Tuesday, one particular Pokemon gets increased spawn rates. A bonus is also on offer. For many people, this is a great time to stock up and try to get a shiny version.

This week on December 14th is the turn of Magmar, the fiery lava Pokemon. 2x Evolution XP is also available as a bonus. If you have something ready to evolve, it is best to wait until the event. You only have one hour to catch as many of these generation one Pokemon as you can.

Can Magmar Be Shiny?

Magmar can be shiny in Pokemon Go and luckily, he is very easy to spot. A shiny Magmar is a bright pink coloration, so you will know immediately if you encounter one. All you have to do is make sure you don’t let it get away.

There is no increase in the amount of shiny Magmar spawned per normal Magmar. However, sheer numbers dictate this is your best chance to get one. All you have to do is increase your encounters until you meet them.

You can do this by fleeing from encounters. A time will come when you have caught all the normal Magmar you need. Run away, then you can be onto the next Magmar quicker. If this is not shiny, do the same.

When you do meet it, you don’t want to let it go. You can stock up on Razz Berries, and make sure you have plenty of Poke Balls. Ultra Balls are essential.

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