Spartan Core Near FOB Bravo Halo Infinite

In terms of pure gameplay, Spartan Cores are by far the most important collectibles in Halo Infinite Campaign. This is because they are used to power and upgrade your suit’s abilities. Investing in these allows you to, for example, use your Grappleshot much more effectively, have a much more powerful shield, and so on. As such, you should always go out of your way to have as many of these as possible. One such Spartan Core is located near FOB Bravo, and our Spartan Core Near FOB Bravo Halo Infinite guide explains how to find it.

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Spartan Core Near FOB Bravo Halo Infinite

How to Get Spartan Core Near FOB Bravo Halo Infinite

The Spartan Core itself is a short distance to the northeast from FOB Bravo. Once you get to this location, you will see a tall structure atop a hill, and a big red door right in front of you. This door is locked, so don’t even try to open it here. What you need to do is to, when you are looking directly at that door, go right instead. Follow this road to the right until you reach a crossway. Do not go up, instead of that, proceed down. You will then come across a back entrance to the facility here.

Get ready for a fight, since this place is full of enemies. But the hardest part is now over, since you’ve managed to get here. Go directly forward, until you reach a large room. Turn around left and you will see a door. Open it and go into the next room. You will find the Spartan Core which you are looking for at the top of the ramp here. Pick it up. All that’s left now is to decide which of the upgrades it would be best to spend it on. Our favorite ability is the Grappleshot, but it all depends on your playstyle.

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