Halo Infinite Famine Skull Location

The Halo Infinite Famine Skull location is really well-hidden, as are all the other twelve Skull collectibles. They’re fun to find, though, both because they require you to really look hard for them, and because they actually change the game in interesting ways when equipped. In this guide specifically, we’ll show you where to find the Famine Skull specifically.

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halo infinite famine skull location
Halo Infinite Famine Skull Location

Where to Find Famine Skull in Halo Infinite

To find the Famine Skull location in Halo Infinite, you need to go to a small island in the southeast of the map. It’s a mass of hexagonal pillars with a jagged mound of soil at the top of it. What you want to do here is head onto a platform that’s near the top. There, you’ll find a dead Elite Banished soldier, and the Skull will be right next to the corpse. You can see its exact location in the screenshots below. Just remember that you do need some kind of vehicle to safely reach this Skull. As to what this one does, it cuts the amount of ammo you find in weapons dropped by enemies in half. So, if you want to make things harder on yourself, this is the way to go.

So, that’s where you find the Halo Infinite Famine Skull location. This one is a little easier than others, as I can actually give you more precise instructions on where it is even without screenshots. Anyway, if you want more info on Skull locations, take a gander at our Halo Infinite Skull Locations guide. Also, feel free to check out some of our other Halo Infinite guides. For example, we’ve written articles like Locate and Rescue the Pilot House of Reckoning, Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating Location, and many others. I’m pretty confident that you might find some of them useful, especially if you’re on the hunt for various hidden collectibles.

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