Harry Potter WU How do Portkeys Work - How to Use

Portkeys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are one of the central gameplay mechanics of the game. The Harry Potter WU Portkeys are a source of experience points and valuable items. That is, if you put in the very literal legwork. In this guide, we’re going to show you how do Portkeys work in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, in case you’ve been having some trouble figuring it out.

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Harry Potter WU How do Portkeys Work - How to Use
Harry Potter WU How do Portkeys Work – How to Use

How to Use Portkeys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – How do They Work?

Portkeys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is basically this game’s version of Eggs in Pokemon Go. Well, there are some significant differences, yes, but the basic mechanics are the same. Basically, you find Portkeys spawning across the map. In order to open them, you have to walk a certain distance; two kilometers, five kilometers, whatever. You need a key to open them, too. However, at the start, you’ll get a golden key that you keep for good, meaning that you can always open one Portkey. It’s like the Incubators in Pokemon Go.

So, what exactly happens when you do open a Portkey? Well, if you know anything about the Harry Potter universe, you know that Portkeys teleport those that hold it to a predetermined location. So, that’s exactly what they do here, too. When you open a Portkey, it’ll transport you to some room, which, if you know your HP lore, you might or may not recognize. Once your in there, you have to look around and tap on the dots of light to receive five rewards. As the game is right now, the Portkeys are the best source of both very valuable items, XP, and similar stuff.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is currently in a very (geographically) limited beta stage. One assumes that it’s going to roll out worldwide soon enough. There’s no set date for that, though.

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