Harry Potter WU Prestige - What Happens When You Prestige a Page

Prestige is one of the main mechanics in Harry Potter Unite. Whenever you’ve filled out a registry page with stickers, you’ll notice the option to “prestige” said page. A lot of players are wondering what this actually does, but are too afraid to try it. This guide is going to show you what happens when you prestige a page, and how prestige works in Harry Potter Wizards Unite in general.

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harry potter wizards united prestige explained
Harry Potter WU Prestige – What Happens When You Prestige a Page

How prestige works in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

Whenever you encounter a new foundable in the world and complete its challenge, you’ll get a new sticker in the registry. You’ll also receive some experience. Once you’ve filled an entire page in the registry with related foundables, the page will be marked as complete. This is when the option to “prestige” it appears. If you choose to do so, you’ll loose all the stickers you’ve collected, but the page’s frame will change.

The starting frame has a wooden texture and a dark brown tint. When you prestige a page for the first time, you’ll get a brass frame. The next frame is silver, and the final one is golden. Prestiging a page will make your registry look nicer, but it will also allow you to collect the same set of foundables again, with all the XP rewards that entails. This means you’ll get to collect experience from the same foundables four times during the course of the game. It’s pretty important, especially if you’re looking to beef up your wizard as much as possible.

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