Harry Potter Wizards Unite How to Complete Trace in Different Countries

Complete a Trace in Different Countries is an achievement you can get in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, which requires you to go and do a trace outside your own country. Now, sure, traveling is always fun and great, but not everybody can afford to hop between countries, just to complete an achievement in HP Wizars Unite. Fortunately, there’s a very handy workaround that makes it very easy. At least, there currently is. That said, here’s our guide in which we’ll show you how to complete a trace in different countries in HP Wizards Unite.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite How to Complete Trace in Different Countries
Harry Potter Wizards Unite How to Complete Trace in Different Countries

How to Get Complete Trace in Different Countries Achievement in HP Wizards Unite?

To get the Complete Trace in Different Countries achievement in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, all you have to do is change the language on your phone. Yes, it really is that simple. Just go into your device settings, and switch the language. Then, go back into the game, and complete a trace. Boom, you’re done. I mean, sure, you could visit other countries to pull it off instead, but we can agree that this method saves oodles on travel costs, right?

UPDATE: According to our readers R and Sarah W (thanks, people), you also have to change the phone’s region, not just the language. So, if switching the language on your phone doesn’t work, try changing the region, as well.

Now, this method works at the time of writing this article. Niantic might patch it out once they catch a whiff of it. I mean, this system makes completing the achievement incredibly easy. It really is an extreme exploit, and I really doubt that the developers are gonna let it stand. In other words, start changing those languages fast, while you still can. The clock is ticking, I’m pretty sure, and it’s really gonna spare both your wallet and your time.

And that’s the easiest way to complete a trace in different countries in HP Wizards Unite. In case you need further help, check out some of our other Wizards Unite guides. Among other articles, we’ve got Spell Energy – How to Get Energy, Lens & Stickers Usage – How to Apply Cosmetics, and Restricted Section Books – How to Get Them.

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  1. T

    Thanks for the tip of completing a trace in different countries but it would be super duper if you also added on what you actually have to do to complete the trace, not only how to switch country.

    1. B

      Completing a trace is casting a spell, the main activity of the game.

      1. F

        I am actually in a different country, playing a game and still this isnt achieved?

      2. L

        Well, I’m abroad now and I’ve cast many spells, but I’m still not getting the achievement…

  2. M

    Changing language and even region did not work for me (using iPhone). June 26.

    1. R

      I have an iPhone SE (no laughing ?) and changed it to English (Canada) and the region to Canada and it worked for me. I didn’t try it just changing the language though. (Also June 26)

  3. J
    Juli W

    I tired to do it today but it didn’t work… others in my group said they tried after me and it did work. Can anyone confirm or deny that it has been patched?

    1. S
      Samantha Adrichem

      Did it today on ios, only had to change region. Can confirm it worked

  4. E
    Esther Stapel

    I’m actually in an other country, and have done spells, but didn’t get the achievement…
    I live in Holland, and I am in Italy now for a holiday, but it doesn’t work.. also not when I change the language.

    1. A
      Anthony Bentley

      Exactly the same for me live in the UK currently in France and have cast lots of spells and haven’t been given The rewards

    2. C

      I live in Belgium and I am in Holland for work, and it also didn’t count it.
      Now i tried it just changing the region and it worked

    3. S

      I was on vacation and I have now been in three different counties and done spells but it still doesn’t work….

    4. S
      Samantha Adrichem

      Thats why i did the region trick. Am in germany and the legit way does not work

    5. J

      I have the same problem! On holiday now and played in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg: but still not this specific achievement.

  5. S
    Sarah W

    I have just tried this and it DOES work (on iphone 7) but its not Language setting its Region that works – you have to go down in Language settings and just change the REGION eg I did UK to US. then log back in and do a trace.

  6. A
    Amanda O.

    I just did the switch and it worked (2:45pm EST on 06/27/2019). That said, I did have to change both the language AND the region. (e.g. French in France, German in Germany, Italian in Italy, etc.)

  7. K

    I’m currently travelling and have casted spells in 3 countries but somehow have only completed a trace in one country…

    1. S
      Shane Vaughan

      I’m the same! I’m currently in Spain (usually in the UK) but it says I’ve only completed a trace in 1 country 🙁

  8. J

    I’m currently in Thailand and I’m not getting credit for a different country. 🙁

  9. W

    I’m in another country and I’m not getting the credit as well. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. A

    I am on vacation and have not had credit for trace in Peru

  11. C
    Charlie Zelazny

    Ok this kinda sucks because I started playing the game when in Spain on vacation. I completed one trace there and when I went back to the US, I never got the achievement. Idk what’s wrong, if anyone can help. I also tried this and it didn’t work.

  12. A

    Even if you DO visit another country, you may have to change the region on your phone. My guess is that this is because you use roaming data and therefore still have your home IP address, and the app doesn’t seem to register that you’re on a foreign provider’s network. In this case another alternative I could think of (but haven’t tested yet) is if you use local wifi.

  13. A

    I was able to get it to work today, and I even got a trace I hadnt gotten before, which was nice. I switched to German so the letters would be the same.

  14. R

    I have played the game in 4 different countries but I wouldn’t get the achievement. Now I changed the Lange and region…. and it worked.
    11 July on IPhone SE

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