Harry Potter Wizards Unite Restricted Section Books

Restricted Section Books are a resource in Harry Potter Wizards Unite that is used for unlocking high level upgrades in your profession skill tree. They are not as easy to come by as are the scrolls and regular books. They are, in fact, very rare and may affect which profession you choose to level up first. This is why I thought it would be nice to summarize a bit of information on how to get Restricted Section Books. We’ll go into how many you need to fully upgrade each profession and where to get them.

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Restricted Section Books Harry Potter Wizards Unite

How to get Restricted Section Books in Wizards Unite?

The only way to get Restricted Section Books, for now, is to complete tasks in the Brilliant Events. These events are periodic in nature and require you to fill out the Brilliant Event Registry. For doing so you get up to 15 Restricted Section Books. This is a very small amount, since upgrades for some of the skills of your profession cost 15 Restricted books. There are upgrades worth only 4 books too, but this changes nothing in terms of them being very valuable. So far, we’ve only had one Brilliant event. It was over very soon and very hard for new players to complete. Professor profession requires a lot of these books. It will take 223 of them to fully unlock Lessons for the Professor. Other professions require 112 at the time of this article.

Restricted Section Books Harry Potter WU Preofessor Lesson

Restricted Section Books are, therefore, a crucial and very rare resource. Their rarity seems to harshly restrict player progression. We certainly hope that Niantic will adjust this mechanic soon. If you choose the Professor profession you can expect to be blocked fairly early in the Lessons tree. BLack of Restricted Section Books will gate both your starting skills (heal and the hex/debuff) at level 1, making them virtually useless. Aurors and Magizoologists will need them a bit after the half of their Lessons tree. We beleive that this resource is something that is used to slow down people’s progress until Niantic figures out the best balance.


Niantic official help page states that: “Restricted Section Books are Vault items you receive primarily from Events. Along with Scrolls and Spell Books, they can be used for Lessons to increase and add to your Expertise.” This feels like their rarity is intended. I just wonder if skills that are so early in the Lessons tree are supposed to require Restricted Books.

If you are planning on intensively playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite then make sure you participate in every Brilliant Event. Complete Brilliant tasks and complete the registry to get as many Restricted Section Books as you can. Hopefully we will see more than one of these events per week because otherwise it will take months to unlock some of the more advanced skills. IF you are a casual player you don’t have to really fret about the Restricted Books. You can do 90% of the content in the game without them and you will collect enough eventually. Just enjoy the game and go for a walk in the nature. Wizardry world of Harry Potter awaits with those profession lessons unlocked or not.

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