Harry Potter WU How to Get Water - Where to Find

Water in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a resource you need to grow seeds into Ingredients in Greenhouses. Since it’s such a valuable resource, naturally, some people have been wondering how to get water in Wizards Unite. And, we might have the answer. Some areas might be less generous with water than others, sadly. All that said, our Harry Potter Wizards Unite How to Get Water is going to explain where and how you can find water, why you might not be finding it very often, as well as a quick explanation of how to use it.

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Harry Potter WU How to Get Water - Where to Find
Harry Potter WU How to Get Water – Where to Find

Where to Find & How to Get Water in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

To find water in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you’re gonna have to go out and look for it. It spawns randomly on the map, and you have to find it and pick it up. Now, it seems like the water might spawn more often in humid areas. According to Reddit user VenomBars4, water appeared more for them in stormy weather. So, we can’t say for certain, but those of you in more arid climates might have a little more trouble getting waiter in Wizards Unite.

If this does end up being the case, then that’s gonna be a pretty big problem. Why? Because water is necessary to plant and grow Ingredients in Greenhouses. Follow that link to find out more about it, but here’s the basic, quick rundown. In Greenhouses, you can plant the seeds that you find in the overworld, and grow them into full Ingredients. When they’re ready, you have a limited time to reap the rewards. Plus, even other players can join in on the fun. The catch is, of course, that plants need water to grow. So, if it does end up being regional, that’ll be a very bad idea.

That’s basically all there is to finding and getting water in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. If you need further help with the game, check out some of our other guides. Among other stuff, we’ve written articles such as Wizarding Challenges – How They Work and Spell Energy – How to Get Energy.

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