Dauntless How to Add Friends on PS4 & Xbox Consoles

Adding friends in Dauntless can be a tough task if you’re playing on a console. Since the game has to be played in squads, you’ll probably want to play with people you know instead of random strangers you found wandering the hub. On PC, this is pretty straightforward. However, the console version of the game has a bug that’s making this more difficult than it’s supposed to be. This guide will show you how to add friends in Dauntless on console.

dauntless how to add friends on ps4 xbox consoles
Dauntless How to Add Friends on PS4 & Xbox Consoles

How to add people to friends list in Dauntless?

When you open up the social menu, you’ll see an expandable sub-menu that’s supposed to lead to your console’s friends list. However, it isn’t working at the moment. When you click on it, nothing happens. If you want to add people to your friends list, you’ll have to go to the “Add Friends” tab and enter their Epic username. This is important. You can’t find them using the Playstation or Xbox usernames.

Once you’ve added them to the list, they’ll appear in the Epic Friends section of the first tab, and you’ll be able to invite them into your squad that way. The bug is bound to be corrected at some point in the near future, but until then, you’ll have to make do with your EGS account friends list.

Having a steady squad to play with can be a life-saver, especially as you get further into the game. The later behemoths can be pretty difficult, and you’ll need to have a sound strategy, as well as good communication. Although it can be achieved with a team of random internet strangers, it is much easier with a crew of regulars. Plus, it’s way more fun to play with people you already know and like.

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    God, that problem what exactly what i was searching for, it’s the reason why me and my friends wouldn’t try to play it further, but knowing the solution now makes it playable again


    What if there is no epic username because we play on ps4


      I play on ps4 and i wanna play with a friend from xbox… How do i do that?


      You should have an Epic Games display name that you created when you linked your Epic, Dauntless, PS4 accounts at Playdauntless.com/link. It may or may not be the same as your PS username. E.g. my PS username has no space between the names, but my Epic username does. (you just reminded me of that. Thx 🙂 )

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