Harry Potter Wizards Unite Runestones - How They Work & Where to Find Them

Runestons are a type of item in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. There are many different kinds, but they’re all used for the same thing. When doing Wizarding Challenges in fortresses, you can use them to increase the difficulty and get a particular type of rewards. If you’re unclear on how the system works or how to obtain these valuable items, keep reading our Harry Potter Wizards Unite runestones guide.

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harry potter wizards unite runestones
Harry Potter Wizards Unite Runestones – How They Work & Where to Find Them

How to use runestones in Wizards Unite?

The runestones are used only in Wizarding Challenges. When you get to a fortress, you can select the difficulty of the challenge and the types of rewards you’ll get by using up a runestone. There are 10 different types of runestones, and each will give you a different kind of reward. There are also 10 levels of each type – these will adjust the difficulty. The types are:

Hogwards School
Ministry of Magic
Magical Games and Sports
Care of Magical Creatures
Legends of Hogwards
Wonders of the Wizarding World
Mysterious Artefacts
Dark Arts

How to get runestones in Harry Potter WU?

Sadly, runestones can’t found around the map. The only way to get them is by opening the treasure trunks you get when you rank up a certain area of expertise. This means there’s nothing you can do to increase the rate at which you get them. Simply play the game, collect foundables and do not forget to prestige the registry pages once you complete them. This will allow you to catch the same foundables again and reap the benefits once more (thrice more, actually).

So just keep doing what you do, exploring the world and getting stuff done, and the runestones will come naturally. If we discover a way to farm them, we’ll be sure to update this guide.



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    how do l get 5’s in runes I only get 4 or less and am getting really annoyed as when going in forest challenges I always have the lowest rune?

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