Harry Potter WU Server Error on Encounter Start - First Encounter Bug

Server error on encounter start is one of the early bugs in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. It’s a game-breaking bug that happens to some people after the first encounter, and it can ruin the experience. It happens during the Hagrid encounter, and the game usually freezes there. When you restart it, you have to go through the tutorial again, after which you get a message that stops you from playing. If you’ve experienced this issue, our Harry Potter WU server error on encounter start guide will try to help you solve it.

harry potter wu server error on encounter start
Harry Potter WU Server Error on Encounter Start – First Encounter Bug

How to solve server error on encounter start in HP WU?

The good news is that the developers at Niantic are aware of the issue and are trying to find a solution as we speak. The bad news is that there’s no surefire way to get around it at this point. There are several things you could try, but the problem most likely has to do with trying to run the game from regions where it hasn’t been released yet.

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The things you could try include clearing the cache and app data, as well as uninstalling then reinstalling the game. Either way, make sure you have the latest version. A lot of folks reported trying with a new account, but it still didn’t work. If none of that helps, you’ll just have to sit tight and wait for the developers to address the issue. Hopefully, it’ll get sorted out quickly, as the game gets wheeled out into more and more regions.

In the meantime, you can prepare yourself for the moment when you can actually start playing by perusing some of our guides for Harry Potter WU, like the one about picking a house at Hogwarts, or the one that explains how prestige works.

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